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The Maximum Group

Founded in 1995 in Chicago, Maximum Group of Companies is expanding into a nation-wide network that combines the best of three mutually supporting disciplines.

1) Rehabilitation by physical, occupational, and speech therapists to restore maximum health to those who want to enjoy life at its fullest;

2) Home health services to provide curative medical care for those who want to remain at home with loved ones;

3) Hospice and palliative care either at home or in skilled nursing facilities to palliate the symptoms of terminal illness in order to maintain the highest possible quality of life for those who are ready to move from this life to the next.

Maximum’s teams of therapists, nurses, and other specialists in each of these three fields build on each other’s expertise to apply the latest advances in the rapidly evolving medical profession. The result is a holistic life-long plan of care adapted to maximizing the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our patients.

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